About the artist . . .

Originally from Salina, Kansas, R. (Rex) Morriss, has spent the past 43 years working as an artist and writer in positions from Kansas to Missouri and the Twin Cities, Minnesota, where he established his award-winning creative services firm,
Noodle Ranch.

In 1994, Rex and his family moved to
Manitou Springs, Colorado where he lives a low-profile lifestyle pursuing his work as a writer and fine artist, and where he continues to write, illustrate, and publish his award-winning series, "The Bee Society" to a worldwide, online following.

Throughout his lifetime, Rex has pursued a love of the arts, and successfully applied his training and skills in not only the field of visual arts, but in music (as a performer) and literature (as a writer). His work was most recently exhibited in the juried 2002 Pastel National, but he has since opted out of public exhibitions, preferring to invest his time and energies in continuing to build a body of work.


If you're interested in learning more about the artist, or wish to inquire into a
purchase, please contact him via email using the
Contact Page, or by phone:
9 a.m.-5 p.m., Mountain time, Monday-Friday.

You may also communicate with Rex on Facebook, where he continues to share his
most recent work.The R.Morriss/Noodle Ranch page can be found here:


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